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Terms of Business

1. Copyright Terms

(a) The copyright of all materials written by me remain with me until payment has been made in full, at which time full copyright will pass to you.

(b) Until such time as full copyright does pass to you, no material created by me should be published, distributed or made publicly available in any form.

(c) Once copyright passes to you, you are free to use the material in whichever way you wish, including attributing your own name or any other name to the material, editing or changing the material or distributing it in different forms.

(d) Once the material has been delivered to you, an invoice will be generated. Unless otherwise agreed beforehand, payment is due within seven days of the invoice being delivered. No use of the delivered materials is implied or should be inferred until payment has been received.

(e) Sophisticated software will be used to monitor all material created by me. Unique characteristics will be embedded in all material which will allow periodic scanning across the internet for any copies of the material, either in full, in part, or modified. This is partly for your protection, to ensure that the work for which you have paid does not become misused by another party.

(f) Should payment for the material not be received, and evidence is found that the material has been published or used in any way, in violation of the terms of the copyright which will remain in my name, action will be taken to recover my losses under the terms of the Copyright and Patents Act.

2. Payment Terms

(a) Payment is due within seven days of the delivery of the writing. Payment can be made by cheque, postal order, direct transfer or credit card.

(b) In cases where a project may be quite lengthy, comprising a significant number of articles, or may even be ongoing, payment will be due at set intervals to be agreed at the start.

(c) Invoices are produced for all projects and payments.

(d) The full copyright will remain with me for all writing produced until payment is received in full. You may not publish, reproduce, distribute or otherwise use any writing produced by me until payment has been made in full.

3. After Sales Guarantee

(a) Some writers keep a catalogue of articles and material, re-distributing it to clients. This is not what I do.

(b) All material created by me is unique, and written specifically for each individual client.

(c) Once payment has been received, the full copyright passes to you, which means that you are entirely free to use the material in whichever way you wish.

(d) No part of your material will ever be distributed, published, used in advertising or submitted to any other client by me. I will cease to hold any rights over the material once full payment has been received.

(e) In order to help protect the material for which you have paid, and to help ensure that it is not copied by a third party, I use sophisticated software to track all of my material.

(f) This means that, should my material appear in duplicate places, you will be informed. This may be perfectly satisfactory, since it may well have been you who distributed the material. However, if it was not, then you will be able to use my evidence to take action against the perpetrator under copyright law.

(g) These same sophisticated techniques will also be used to monitor for signs of any of my material for which payment has not been received. In the case where material. has been provided to a client, but payment has not been received, I will retain full copyright over the material. Should evidence be found that any part of my material has been used, distributed or published anywhere, legal action will be taken under the terms of the Copyright and Patents Act.