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In A Hurry?

Sometimes you need content in a hurry, perhaps because your usual writer is unavailable, your computer crashed and you've lost your scheduled articles, a news story has broken and you want to take advantage of it, or a new product or service has become available you want to market quickly. That's why we have launched a new and exclusive faster writing service. Offering the same high level of quality you can expect from us, we can provide your content within 24 hours, 12 hours or even 1 hour!

Get The Content You Need, When You Need It

Whether it's a new web page, an SEO article, blog post or press release, if you need it in a hurry we can help. Simply decide on how fast you need your work, from 48 hour delivery to a super fast 60 minute turnaround time, and then click the 'Order Now' button below to discuss your requirements.

48 Hours 5.5p per word
  • 48 hour Delivery
  • 3,000 Word Limit
  • Any Subject
  • Any Format
  • 100% Original & Unique
  • 5.5p Per Word
24 Hours 6p per word
  • 24 hour Delivery
  • 2,500 Word Limit
  • Any Subject
  • Any Format
  • 100% Original & Unique
  • 6p Per Word
6 Hours 7p per word
  • 6 hour Delivery
  • 1,500 Word Limit
  • Any Subject
  • Any Format
  • 100% Original & Unique
  • 7p Per Word
12 Hours 6.5p per word
  • 12 hour Delivery
  • 2,000 Word Limit
  • Any Subject
  • Any Format
  • 100% Original & Unique
  • 6.5p Per Word

Fast SEO Writing Service For Life's Emergencies

It's not always possible to plan your web content, article marketing, blogging or press releases in advance. Life changes, new opportunities arise, events beyond your control change the way things are heading very quickly. There are many reasons why sometimes you need content written quickly. Perhaps your usual article writer has fallen ill, or disappeared. Perhaps you ordered an article or blog post from an SEO writing company and you're not happy with the result, and now find you don't have much time before it needs to be published.

For all these reasons and many more we have often found that people come to us with urgent requirements for blog posts, press releases, articles or web content in a hurry. We have therefore decided to offer this exclusive facility, giving you the chance to be able to order work for delivery in extra quick time.

Our standard writing charge is 5p per word, with delivery usually within 5 working days. However, if you need your content quicker than that then we can offer you a choice of 48 hours, 24 hours, 12 hours, 6 hours or even 1 hour turnaround times, with prices per word scaling accordingly. Imagine submitting your order, and then receiving your 100% unique, original, high quality article, blog post or press release within just 60 minutes! A 100% original 450 word article researched, written, proofread, edited and delivered within 60 minutes would cost just £36 (standard price for delivery within 5 working days would be £22.50).

What we do not do - what we will never, ever do is to compromise on quality. The standard of writing you receive is exactly the same as the standard you would expect on our normal turnaround time. We specifically schedule in time slots each day which we earmark for a range of flexible projects. This includes work which isn't entirely time specific, and may be written in advance of being needed. If you have an urgent writing need we can easily reschedule this sort of work and slot your writing into a suitable time slot, helping you to get the content you need exactly when you need it.

How Does It Work?

Simply have a look at the table above and decide on your preferred delivery time. Choose from 48 hours, 24 hours, 12 hours, 6 hours or 1 hour. The maximum number of words varies slightly depending on the amount of time available for the writing, as does the price per word. Once you've chosen your timeframe, simply click the 'Order Now' button to chat directly with one of our writers. They will then confirm a few details with you such as the type of writing needed, the length required, keywords, website and any other relevant information. They will then confirm the price, and if you are happy to proceed they will direct you to a payment page. Once your payment has been received we will begin work on your writing immediately, with delivery guaranteed within the agreed time slot.

If you have any questions about how this service works, do feel free to visit our contact page to get in touch with us.

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