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Beat Writer’s Block By Being Rude & Prejudiced

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Writer’s block getting you down? Running out of ideas to kick start your motivation? Need something to get rid of that blank white screen in front of you?

I’m frequently faced with this problem, and I know I’m not alone. Like most other writers I have tried a number of different techniques, from stream of consciousness writing to getting some thoughts onto the paper the night before so that the day never starts with a blank sheet.

But I recently came across ...

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Definitely An Article About The Definite Article

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So let’s have another look at getting rid of the definite article then.

The other day I wrote about an interesting challenge with which I was presented – to write three versions of an article, with each individual sentence fully interchangeable with the other two articles, and each version of each sentence 100% unique.

I explained that creating wholly unique sentences with identical meaning and comparative length presented slightly more of a challenge than I anticipated. The problem was not so much that the major words ...

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Why Writers Won’t Write But Have Very Clean Homes

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Why are writers generally so bad at writing?

I’m not suggesting that most writers can’t write – but that most writers find it incredibly difficult to start the writing process. If you’re a writer, you’ll almost certainly know what I mean. It’s not that we dislike writing, far from it – we love the writing process. It’s just getting started that seems to be the most difficult thing to accomplish for almost all writers.

It just seems that there are so many ...

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