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Why A Good SEO Article Should Be More Like A Wagon Wheel

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Why A Good SEO Article Should Be More Like A Wagon WheelI like Wagon Wheels. You know what I’m talking about don’t you? Those delightfully huge biscuits with a marshmallow layer, and then covered in chocolate. Too large to dunk, but definitely one to grab from the plate when it comes round.

Whilst enjoying a quick Wagon Wheel moment earlier I ...

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Where To Put LSI Keywords Inside Web Pages

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Looking through the statistics it seems that one of the most popular questions people have been asking lately is where to put LSI keywords inside web pages. This seems to be a question which has resulted in a high number of people coming across my website, and so in order not to disappoint let me explain why this question is such a clear misunderstanding of what LSI is all about.

To ask the question ‘where to put LSI keywords inside webpages’ ...

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