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How Prepared Are You For Google’s Next Update? Life After Penguins…

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First there was an invasion of pandas, and more recently we have been battling penguins. Google’s raft of algorithmic updates over the last year or so have not only been very effectively weeding out the poor quality content which has been saturating the search results for far too long, but it seems they have also been obsessed with animals beginning with the letter P.

I can only assume that in the next few months we are going to be facing an ...

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A Guide To Using The Active Voice Rather Than The Passive Voice

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A little boy kissing a little girlOne of the things which you should avoid when creating content for websites, writing blog posts or developing any other web content is the passive voice. It’s often been said that the passive voice is weak, and research suggests that some people find it harder to understand than the active voice.

But whilst the recommendation is to write in the ...

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What’s the Proper Length For an Article?

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How long should an article be? It’s a simple enough question, but often depending upon who you ask, you’ll get a different answer. Why is this? The reason is because an article should be exactly as long as it needs to be. The real question is not how long an article should be, but what you want it for. Once you know that, then the length becomes either wholly irrelevant, or reasonably self evident. Let me explain a little further.

If ...

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