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Creating Article Writing Tips For Articles With “Dull” Subjects

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Some UK article writers get to write about the latest bikini fashions, the latest Porsche or pizza toppings. But sometimes article writers get challenged, having to write SEO articles about subjects such as men’s socks, wallpaper paste or nipple pads. Writing articles on exciting subjects can be fairly easy, and fun, but how do you go about creating interesting search engine optimised content on subjects that may be considered ‘dull’ and less sparkling?

Clearly a basic description of the product may ...

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Why UK Article Writers Are Proving More Popular With Businesses

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80% of my clients are based in the UK, looking specifically for UK article writers to create SEO articles and content. Even though my website states several times that I am native to the UK, I still get asked the question a good many times.

It seems that for those companies and businesses who are actively seeking UK article writers it is important to make sure that the person to whom you give the task is not merely farming it out ...

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