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Writing Articles – Top 10 Reasons Your Articles May Be Declined

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For most people starting out in the world of article marketing it’s natural to expect some of your articles to be declined by the article directories at first. Reading the reason for your article being declined is important, and will help you understand where you’re going wrong. But just to help you on your way, here are the top 10 reasons why your articles may be declined.

1. Poorly formatted title. Clearly your title is the first thing your readers will come ...

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Article Writing – Does Bulk Article Submission Work?

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Often when it comes to article writing it can be just as difficult working out what to do with your articles as it is writing them in the first place. Once you’ve chosen your title, developed your theme, written your article, proofread it, edited and made sure it’s all ready for the world to enjoy, you’re faced with a dilemma. Do you go for the bulk submission option which many article marketers do, or should you be more selective, submitting ...

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What Article Submission Sites Aren’t Telling You

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So you’ve paid a brilliant article service (such as The Mightier Pen!) to create a fully search engine optimized article using well placed latent semantic language. Now what are you going to do with it?

Because let’s be honest, simply owning the world’s most astounding piece of promotional literature isn’t going to do your website very much good.

You could post it on an article directory. Perhaps even two or three, or half a dozen.

Tell you what – why not pay ...

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