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How SEO Article Writing Has Come Full Circle By Moving Forwards

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As the online world becomes increasingly social, with Google now indexing Facebook content, personalising results, analysing traffic from social media platforms and taking visitor behaviour into consideration it’s important to be aware of how this all affects SEO article writing.

In the past it was very much the case that most article writers were producing content predominantly aimed at the search engines. This involved creating content which included an abundance of keywords, the aim of which was to appeal to silicon ...

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SEO Tips – A Visual Comparison Of Social Media Versus Link Building

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For several years now one of the prime focuses for SEO marketers, SEO article writers and website entrepreneurs has been the art of link building. Creating external links to your website has clearly been one of the single most important aspects of search engine optimisation. But then social media came along.

For quite some time most SEO marketers have seen social media as simply another way to create more links. But to see social media in this way is to miss ...

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