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How SEO Article Writing Has Come Full Circle By Moving Forwards

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As the online world becomes increasingly social, with Google now indexing Facebook content, personalising results, analysing traffic from social media platforms and taking visitor behaviour into consideration it’s important to be aware of how this all affects SEO article writing.

In the past it was very much the case that most article writers were producing content predominantly aimed at the search engines. This involved creating content which included an abundance of keywords, the aim of which was to appeal to silicon ...

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The Importance of Titles in Article Writing

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Why are titles so important when writing articles for online marketing? Surely a single line of a few words can’t make a whole heap of difference to a search engine? If the article is packed full of the right stuff, then isn’t a title just a little bit like the envelope a letter comes in? Something that’s perhaps glanced at briefly, but ultimately fairly unimportant?

If this is how you feel about article writing and creating SEO content then either you’re ...

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SEO Tips – How Page Bounce Is Now Affecting Your Search Results Position

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If you’ve ever checked out your page bounce on websites such as it can be fairly dispiriting to realise just how many people visit your site, and then leave having only seen one page. That in itself isn’t good news, because unless that one page happens to be your sales page, you’re missing out on converting those visits to sales. But the risk is becoming much more serious than that, because page bounce could now start to seriously ...

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