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Writing SEO Articles In English – That Make Sense As Well

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Writing SEO articles in English is a tough job if English isn’t your first language – or even if it is, but you’re not terribly confident with it. Writing articles and web content that could, potentially, be read by millions can be a daunting task for anyone not confident, or competent, with writing English.

Yet almost all web content, or at least the vast majority of it, is in English. If you want your website to be noticed, then English is ...

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The Best Kept Secret About SEO – What The Experts Don’t Want You To Know

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Would you like to know the best kept secret when it comes to search engine optimized (SEO) web content? Are you keen to discover the one thing that all the SEO experts are holding back from you when apparently divulging amazing inside secrets about guaranteed placements with Google? Well, I’m happy to be able to tell you the one thing that these experts are not telling you.

Nobody actually has any idea what exactly SEO is.

Well, all right, perhaps that’s not entirely ...

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