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A Writer’s Foibles & Pet Hates

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Every writer has at least one pet hate, and one foible – what is yours?

I have a writer friend who has always had a special hatred for those who qualify an absolute, such as suggesting that something is ‘almost unique’ or ‘almost new’. Naturally, as frequently argues, a thing is either unique, or it is not, but it can never be almost unique; similarly, a thing is either new, or it is not, but there can be no room for ...

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Writing Analysis Software – Five Tools In One

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Summary: The Linguisticator is a tool which will help to improve the readability of your writing, improve the quality of your writing, and reduce weak or complicated writing – all with a single click, and at half the price of tools which can only do half as much.

First of all – I make no apologies for the appalling name!

The Linguisticator was the result of my own wish to locate a tool which would help to analyse my writing. I had ...

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