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Challenge Your Writing Skills – Kill The Definite Article

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The definite article – a word that can hardly be referred to without including it within its own introduction. For those not so familiar with English grammar – I am talking about that innocuous, but oh so prevalent word – ‘the’.

Why am I thinking about this little word? Well, it all started with a special request I received from one of my clients…

The task was to rewrite each sentence of an article twice more, so that each sentence could be interchanged with ...

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Why Writers Won’t Write But Have Very Clean Homes

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Why are writers generally so bad at writing?

I’m not suggesting that most writers can’t write – but that most writers find it incredibly difficult to start the writing process. If you’re a writer, you’ll almost certainly know what I mean. It’s not that we dislike writing, far from it – we love the writing process. It’s just getting started that seems to be the most difficult thing to accomplish for almost all writers.

It just seems that there are so many ...

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