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A Guide To Using The Active Voice Rather Than The Passive Voice

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A little boy kissing a little girlOne of the things which you should avoid when creating content for websites, writing blog posts or developing any other web content is the passive voice. It’s often been said that the passive voice is weak, and research suggests that some people find it harder to understand than the active voice.

But whilst the recommendation is to write in the ...

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How SEO Article Writing Has Come Full Circle By Moving Forwards

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As the online world becomes increasingly social, with Google now indexing Facebook content, personalising results, analysing traffic from social media platforms and taking visitor behaviour into consideration it’s important to be aware of how this all affects SEO article writing.

In the past it was very much the case that most article writers were producing content predominantly aimed at the search engines. This involved creating content which included an abundance of keywords, the aim of which was to appeal to silicon ...

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How Professional Content Writing Services Are Optimising For Bing

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Today professional content writing services are taking Bing much more seriously, with Microsoft’s search engine gradually taking a bigger and bigger share of the search market. It’s too easy to ignore the fact that Google is not the only search engine, but if you apply the right kind of search engine optimisation tactics it can be easier to dominate within alternative search engines, simply because there are fewer businesses competing effectively with you.

Bing currently holds over 7% of the search ...

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