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How SEO Article Writing Has Come Full Circle By Moving Forwards

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As the online world becomes increasingly social, with Google now indexing Facebook content, personalising results, analysing traffic from social media platforms and taking visitor behaviour into consideration it’s important to be aware of how this all affects SEO article writing.

In the past it was very much the case that most article writers were producing content predominantly aimed at the search engines. This involved creating content which included an abundance of keywords, the aim of which was to appeal to silicon ...

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How to Write an Article in Under 30 Minutes

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Did you hear the one about the SEO article writer who wanted to spend longer writing each article? No, neither did I. If there’s one thing that unites almost all article writers it’s the desire to be able to write more articles more quickly, spending less time on each article, yet without sacrificing any quality. Is it achievable?

I remember when I first started out writing SEO articles. The first job I was given was writing articles about window blinds and ...

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Article Marketing – Are You Optimising For Bing Yet?

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Is your SEO article service optimising your content for Bing yet, or are they focussing on Google? Is your article writer still pushing the importance of keywords for Google’s algorithms, or have they hinted that their SEO articles are fully optimised for Bing? What about Yahoo?

What about other, perhaps less important search engines? If your article marketing is Google specific then you have a problem. However, it’s actually unlikely to be the problem you think it is. Let me explain ...

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