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It’s Apparent That It’s Obviously Clear, Of Course

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It irks me somewhat when I come across a writer whose vocabulary is frequented by words such as ‘obviously’, ‘clearly’, and the phrase ‘of course’. If it’s so flippin’ obvious, why say it?

If I am reading an informative article or blog post then it’s quite good to be treated with a modicum of respect. Including the word ‘obviously’ or one of its delinquent cohorts tends to be for one of three reasons.

Such words are frequently included simply because the writer ...

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Why You Should Never Dangle Your Modifier In Polite Company

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Why You Should Never Dangle Your Modifier In Polite Company“Dropping through the letterbox with a dull thud I picked up the morning post. Sighing deeply the bills dropped into the bin as usual. Having been burnt to a crisp I threw the toast in on top of them.”

As a gentleman I was always taught to avoid encounters which could result in ...

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