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Where To Put LSI Keywords Inside Web Pages

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Looking through the statistics it seems that one of the most popular questions people have been asking lately is where to put LSI keywords inside web pages. This seems to be a question which has resulted in a high number of people coming across my website, and so in order not to disappoint let me explain why this question is such a clear misunderstanding of what LSI is all about.

To ask the question ‘where to put LSI keywords inside webpages’ is to demonstrate that the concept of LSI has been entirely confused with traditional keyword SEO. The two are very different beasts, and need to be treated as such. So to start with I’m going to quickly explain what LSI is, and how it works in terms of basic SEO. Then I shall demonstrate why the phrase ‘LSI keywords’ an unhappy oxymoron, and finally why the question of where to put LSI keywords inside webpages is one that cannot be answered in the way the many people want.

First of all, LSI is not a form of optimisation. It’s a way of assessing the likely relevance of a document to the perceived subject. One of the ways this is achieved is by cross referencing the breadth of vocabulary used with known, reliable and authoritative documents on the same subject. So an article about laptops is likely to have words such as screen, battery, weight, processor, work and so forth included throughout the article. If most of these words are missing, then this suggests a very shallow document that doesn’t really cover the subject very well. This may well be because every other sentence includes the phrase ‘buy cheap laptops’.

Some ‘SEO gurus’ misunderstand how to optimise content for the LSI algorithms, thinking that it means you have to come up with as broad a range of synonyms for your main keyword as possible. This is utter rubbish. There are many reasons why, but one such example is that no authoritative text is going to randomly switch between various synonyms for the main word. A reputable document on the subject of football is unlikely to call it football in one sentence, soccer in another and footie in the next. The one word will be used throughout, but with a wealth of subject related vocabulary included to support it.

So an article about SEO articles should not include a dozen words for ‘article’, but a dozen words relating to the subject of articles. Perhaps two dozen. These aren’t keywords – they’re simply subject related vocabulary used to support the main keyword.

So getting back to our earlier question of where to put LSI keywords inside web pages, we can see that since LSI is not a form of optimisation, it has almost nothing to do with keywords, and certainly there is no such thing as an LSI keyword. The closest you can get to such a concept would be to create a list of all of the relevant subject related words you can think of, and then try to include these. But the danger here is that by trying to force an extra long list of ‘keywords’ into an article the structure, tone and overall feel of the article is likely to be extremely off putting, and not just to your visitors.

So since LSI is not optimisation, and has nothing to do with keywords, it is clear that asking where to put LSI keywords inside web pages simply doesn’t make any sense. However, by forgetting keywords and keyphrases and by writing naturally, aiming your content at real people rather than computers, spiders and bots, you are much more likely to find the vocabulary you use is much more subject oriented, thereby helping to improve the likely ‘rating’ given to your article as part of the LSI assessment process.


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