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SEO Without Words – Inspiration For Article Writers

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Trying to come up with original ideas for unique SEO articles is one of the hardest tasks for any article writer these days. The trouble is that it almost seems as though everything that could be said has been, and in a variety of ways. Many of them badly.

But with the constant need to create new content never more important, the pressure is on to try to find new angles, new audiences, new ways of looking at old subjects and original ways of exploring ideas that may have been explored previously by thousands of other SEO enthusiasts.

Many years ago, long before I became a full time writer and SEO specialist I used to work as a school teacher. One of the challenges I sometimes used to set my pupils was to be entirely and wholly disagreeable. Nothing new about that you might say. Teachers have been a pretty disagreeable species since time began.

But in this particular case the idea of being disagreeable was to push students to think in original ways. And this is a tactic that may well prove helpful to other SEO writers out there trying to come up with new material.

Let me explain how the process worked. I would take a common assumption, perhaps a fact known to be true, a rule that’s beyond doubt or a principle that is entirely without dispute, and then I would dispute it. I would resolutely refuse to accept the generally held view, and would take the polar opposite view. Students would then be challenged to prove their case in a verbal discussion. Or argument. Or riot.

For example, I might dispute the fact that the characters that are displayed on the screen appear slightly after you press the key on the keyboard. Or suggest that all programs are closed down when you switch the monitor off, and quickly opened again when you switch the monitor back on. Or that the letter ‘e’ is actually a consonant.

Once you challenge a commonly held belief you force the other person to re-assess what they know to be true, not in order to validate its truth, but to really understand why they know it to be true in the first place.

Whatever the subject it is that you’re writing about, why not be obtuse for a moment, and challenge people’s pre-conceived ideas? Why not challenge people to imagine a world wide web without search engines, or SEO without words, or article marketing without keywords? Sometimes it helps to be a little argumentative as an SEO article writer. Those who know me would probably agree I’m well qualified for the task!


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