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SEO Of The Future – How To Stay Ahead Of The Search Engines

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Search engine optimisation is constantly changing, because search engine technology is constantly changing. With billions of websites on the web all competing for attention the search engines have had to develop in order to eliminate, or at least reduce those sites of poor quality, using dubious promotional tactics.

Keeping up with the search engines is a constant challenge for SEO specialists and SEO article writers such as myself. But is it ever possible to get ahead of the search engines? That might seem a tall order, but there is a way of suggesting that this might be possible.

First of all, it may not be possible to get ahead of all of the search engines, but with so much more competition from Bing, Google has had to develop, and in response Bing has countered by introducing alternative techniques. With Google implementing a suspiciously Bing-esque format to its image search feature recently, it seems clear that what one search engine tries, the other may well explore later.

So by keeping an ear to the ground, through news channels, alerts, Twitterings and blog postings, it’s possible to see what tactics Bing is introducing, because invariably in one form or another an approach may well be likely from Google, and vice versa.

For example, this week it was revealed that Bing is starting to look more at the way people interact with web pages, rather than the way spiders interact with them. How does this work?

It’s actually fairly simple really. If you access a website through a search result listing, and very shortly after clicking the link and visiting the page you click the back button, returning to the search results pages, that’s a pretty clear indication that the website wasn’t what you were looking for, and is unlikely to be as relevant to the search results. This means that the site could find itself sinking from the search results for that keyword or keyphrase.

It’s long been known and accepted that having high quality content is critical to the success of SEO, but with this new approach it could mean that link building and social media will be joined by a third player in the game – user behaviour.

How are you going to adapt and develop your website in order to make sure that people don’t bounce straight off your page, hit the back button and generally slide away as though your pages are made of ice?

Making sure that every page is highly relevant is one point, but providing too much, or too little information on a page could result in a bounce. It’s important to start thinking now about how your SEO approach can be developed to integrate the way people interact with your site, because with Bing introducing it, Google’s probably not far behind with something similar. Search engine competition is good news for everyone, but for SEO specialists it’s the only way to try to stay ahead of the game.



  1. Misa Jovcic  July 19, 2013

    My tip:
    When you get to the top of the organic search results, keep climbing.


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