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How to Write an Article in Under 30 Minutes

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Did you hear the one about the SEO article writer who wanted to spend longer writing each article? No, neither did I. If there’s one thing that unites almost all article writers it’s the desire to be able to write more articles more quickly, spending less time on each article, yet without sacrificing any quality. Is it achievable?

I remember when I first started out writing SEO articles. The first job I was given was writing articles about window blinds and shutters, at 50p per article. Each one took me about four hours to research and write. Whoever said that article writing was a lucrative business has either never tried it or forgotten how almost all of us started out. The learning curve was tremendous, but over the years the skill of researching improved, the skill of writing quickened and the ability to integrate current SEO methodologies into writing became increasingly natural.

Today I’m very often able to write an article in around 10 minutes, although that’s generally a 400 word article that’s already been researched and planned, and doesn’t include the time taken to proof read and edit it. But even taking these aspects into account, the whole process certainly takes less than 30 minutes per article. So what are the tricks of the trade?

In fact there are no ‘tricks’ of the trade. It’s largely down to common sense, planning and concentration. But let me offer two tips that I use for almost every article I write (including this one).

Firstly, I don’t sit staring at the screen waiting for inspiration to drop out of the sky. If I don’t have a clear idea of what the article is about, then I don’t sit at the computer. I go off and do something entirely different. That might mean going to the gym, doing the shopping, making a sandwich or cleaning the bath. But whilst I’m doing the other task I’m thinking about the subject, mumbling incoherently to myself about possible angles, ways of explaining something or new analogies I can draw.

That means that when it actually comes to sitting at the computer and writing an SEO article I already have a clear mental plan of the article, the main points I’ll be raising, the overall structure and the conclusion. That alone makes the task much easier and much quicker. I rarely find a blank document with a blinking text cursor provides much inspiration.

The second tip I’d offer is to switch everything else off. Close down the web browser, move away from Twitter and Facebook, shut down your email program, switch off your mobile and unhook the telephone. By switching off and removing distractions such as these the process of writing articles becomes much easier.

I have a laptop as well as my home computer, and sometimes I find that throwing it into a rucksack and heading out to the beach, the woods or a hilltop somewhere gives me a great chance to get on with writing SEO articles with no distractions. For me, that easily means creating articles in under 30 minutes, as well as getting fresh air and exercise along the way!



  1. Shafaq  May 24, 2013

    This reminds me of someone who finishes up a 400 words article in just 15 minutes :) . Well, 10 minutes is impressive, but at times ideas just don’t come that easily. When I am in this situation I usually drink water or have a cookie or chocolate :) . Sometimes it works sometimes it does not.

    • Aziza  June 28, 2013

      Hi Shafaq, what kind do you write? :)


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