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Article Writing – Are Your SEO Articles Wearing Matching Socks?

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Before I started working as a self employed freelance SEO article writer I had a proper job which required me to wear a suit and tie, and even shine my shoes occasionally. Although I’ve lapsed into the giddy depths of slippers and a comfy t-shirt, I do try to make up for this by ensuring that my SEO articles are suitably dressed.

Sadly there seem to be too many slovenly dressed articles about town these days. When writing articles for online marketing make sure that before you let them step off your screen and out into the big wide world of article marketing you’ve straightened their tie, checked their shoes are on the right feet and that their socks match.

What on earth am I on about? Well, if you’re in the business of SEO article marketing then you ought to know that it isn’t just the word count that matters, the number of links that’s important or the use of keywords that defines the success of your articles.

Whilst a good CV and a new monogrammed briefcase may look impressive, it hardly qualifies as success, nor offers any such guarantee. Here’s a quick rundown of the main attire faux pas which you should try to help your little articles avoid.

First of all, check your titles. It’s so easy to slap a quick title at the top like an hastily knotted polyester tie. But do it properly. Check you haven’t left a full stop at the end, or forgotten to capitalise the initial letter of each important word, or even mismatched the title and the article itself. Before publication, make sure your inspired title still matches what you’ve written about.

Next up it’s the spelling. Yes, as a fellow writer I know that proofreading and looking for mistakes is a little like walking right up close to the mirror and hunting for spots, grey hairs, wrinkles or other imperfections. You don’t really want to find them, so you sort of squint and pretend that you’ve looked without really looking properly.

Remember, spots can be concealed, grey hairs plucked and wrinkles, well, just don’t smile, laugh or frown. But spelling mistakes and typing errors can be corrected without anyone ever knowing you still type with three left handed thumbs.

You know how sometimes a little thing can let you down, like a coffee stain on your tie, gum on your shoe or a hole in your sock? Sometimes little things can be overlooked in articles too, like those horrible Microsoft Smart Quotes.

They’re hard to spot even when you’re proofreading your article, but just like the horror you feel when you remove your shoes at someone’s house only to discover a hole in your sock you didn’t know about, Smart Quotes become horrible great smudges in your text when published online. They’re not web compatible, and will do horrible things to your content unless you replace then with straight quotes.

Finally, there’s your author’s resource. This is not so much your appearance as you enter the room, but how people view you as you’re leaving. When we look in a mirror we often focus solely on how people initially view us, from the front. But failing to cover your back and give a positive last impression is crucial. Make sure it blends well with your article body, has something positive to add and doesn’t contrast with the rest of your style in the same way neon socks and a dinner suit would.

If you take the time to dress your SEO articles up smartly then it will become all too clear that appearances matter, impressions count, and quality is everything.



  1. Thuy Yau  October 25, 2012

    Great post, Justin! Really useful tips! I enjoyed the analogy as well!


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