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Article Marketing – Is Your Business A One Leaf Tree?

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Imagine a tree which had a tall, strong trunk, and a single leaf sprouting from the top of it. In the world of botany such a tree would be an unlikely contender for success in evolutionary terms. How is this like article marketing? Simply because a great many article marketers seem to think that by focussing all their time and effort into a single keyphrase they will achieve domination and enviable success in the search results.

The truth is somewhat different, because just like the tree, most online businesses will struggle if they only focus on one single branch or direction. Trees are successful because they branch out, exploring a wide variety of directions, dividing and subdividing in specific areas to eventually blossom in a vast canopy of coverage. A single leaf not only looks pretty pathetic but it only needs one hungry caterpillar and the whole effort’s worthless.

Article marketing today needs to take a leaf (pardon the pun) out of the tree’s book.
By focussing solely on just one single keyword or keyphrase, or even just a small group of keyphrases, the whole effort could easily be wasted. It only takes a slight shift in the way the search engines’ algorithms work, or the increased efforts of a rival company to result in your business sinking so fast you’ll be overtaking lead bricks on the way down.

Instead, try branching out more with your keyphrases. The easiest way to do this is by using the ever popular spider diagram or cloud diagram used for brainstorming. Write your main keyphrase in the centre of the paper, and then draw lines radiating out from this. At the end of each of each of these lines write a short keyphrase which encompasses a niche area or sub category of your main topic.

Once you’ve done this, choose any one of these new keyphrases and draw a series of lines radiating out from it, and at the end of each write new keyphrases which take the idea down an ever more specific path.

What you’ll inevitably find is that as your keyphrases become more and more specific you’ll be entering the world of longtail SEO, where long phrases of half a dozen words or more become the norm.

The thing to bear in mind is that whilst each of these longtail SEO keyphrases may not generate a huge amount of traffic on its own, neither does a single leaf sustain the growth of a tree.

It is the sum of the parts rather than each part’s individual effort which ensures not only large scale success overall, but a more stable article marketing model which is more likely to weather the storm of Google’s algorithms better, rather than falling over in the next wind and becoming home to an interesting variety of fungus.


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