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Article Writing – How to Keep Content Fresh

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They say that ‘content is king’, but it’s not true. Because often the content in question turns out to be more like the court jester – full of noise but rarely says anything useful.

If content is to be king then it needs fresh ideas as the queen in order to ensure your articles, blog posts or web content is fresh, interesting and above all, helps to draw in the traffic. So how can you help to ensure that your articles and content is fresh?

It can sometimes feel quite difficult if every day you sit down at your computer, stare at a blank document and think of something to say that’s new, interesting, valuable and yet covers the same niche market area you’ve been writing about for months. To help you, here are three ideas on ways you can help to keep content fresh.

Use the forums. Forums should be every article writer’s best friend, because it’s often here that you can find out what people are talking about, the sort of questions they’re asking, the problems they’re having and the views they have on various issues related to your market.

Get involved, and make sure you listen to what’s being said. Often you’ll find ideas for articles and content based on the problems or questions people are actually having, rather than the ones you imagine they’re having.

Use Google Alerts. Make sure you sign up to Google Alerts for a few of the keywords and keyphrases that are relevant to your niche market. This means that every day you’ll receive a handy helping of the best and most relevant new articles, blogs and publications which include your chosen keyword.

This is almost certainly going to give you a good idea of the latest thoughts, trends and ideas, helping to spark your own opinions and responses which you can then incorporate into fresh content.

Keep a notepad. Sitting down at a computer, opening up a new blank document and sitting there with your hands poised over the keyword waiting for today’s little drop of inspiration to come tumbling down from the sky is hardly an appropriate way of trying to come up with fresh content.

Often you may find ideas occurring to you while you’re watching television, going for a walk, doing shopping or even going to sleep. Get in the habit of having a notepad handy so that you can jot these ideas down. Then when you’re ready to start writing fresh new content you can refer to your notes and use any of your ideas.


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