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5 Tips to Speed Up Your Article Writing

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Writing articles for article marketing can sometimes feel as though it’s a time consuming business. Perhaps you have even reached the point where you don’t even think about it anymore – you simply accept that writing articles takes a fair chunk of time.

But does it have to? If you’re finding that writing articles seems to take you longer than it used to, or you’re writing fewer articles, or you simply have a feeling that you could probably increase your output by speeding up your article writing a little, then what are the ways in which you can achieve that?

Speeding up your article writing doesn’t have to necessarily mean making huge commitments to improving your linguistic ability, your typing speed or buying newer, faster, shinier keyboards, mice and computers.

In fact sometimes all it takes are a few very simple little tricks that can make more of a difference than anything else. When it comes to speeding up your article writing, here are my top 5 tips, based on my own experience of writing articles on a daily basis.

1. Switch off your world. This is not only the simplest trick, but also about the most effective. When you prepare to sit down and write an article, close your email, switch off your phone, shut your Facebook page and disconnect your Twitter and RSS feeders.

The only thing you need to have open and available is your article writing software. Anything else is a distraction. I don’t know how many times I was part way through an article when an email popped up or the phone rang, losing me my concentration and flow.

These days I only have my word processing software open, and once I start to write, nothing can disturb me. It’s amazing just how much quicker you’ll become!

2. Create a title. Although you might change it afterwards having a good title helps to give you focus, and lets you write for that purpose. Writing open ended, woolly and unfocussed articles takes a lot longer.

3. Don’t edit as you write. One of the things that can slow people down most is writing and editing at the same time. That’s a little like saying that you’ll swim better if you towel off and get dressed at the same time as you’re swimming lengths!

Write your article, and ignore all the red lines, the spelling mistakes and typing errors. After you’ve written it then you can spell-check, proofread and edit – it’s a much faster way of doing it.

4. Have a plan. Driving somewhere with no idea how to get there is almost always going to take a lot longer than planning the journey, having a map and knowing exactly where you’re going.

The same is true for article writing. Have a think before you write about what you’re going to say, how you’re going to start off, how you’ll develop it, what points you’ll make and what will be in your conclusion.

5. Forget optimisation. If you try writing an article whilst being obsessed about squeezing in keywords and keyphrases, then you’ll almost certainly take much longer. Instead, write a good article, and only afterwards when you’re editing might you need to think about tweaking a few phrases or words perhaps.

Using these five tips you’ll not only speed up your article writing, but you might well find that your articles flow better, read better, and have more success.



  1. Gerene  January 24, 2013

    I tried #1, #3 and # 5 before and my writing time reduced by half. I’m yet to force #4 and # 2, but I doubt I could practice those. I’m not exactly a planner type of writer but I have to agree that when it’s article writing, there has to be a plan and focus from the start.

  2. Saud Al Bloushi  June 8, 2013

    Very useful article !!!

    the point number 3 is a new idea for me. I almost start writing then editing in the same time and this way takes too much of my time.

    many thanks.


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