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Article Writing – Why Rehashed Content is a Bad Tactic

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Meet Cedric. He’s a lazy article marketer. It’s a Monday morning, he’s feeling a little groggy and has very little enthusiasm for creating great, original content. All Cedric wants to do is to make money, but creating original, highly engaging content just seems like too much effort. After all, as long as he gets enough backlinks, the traffic will come rolling in and the sales will increase. That’s what article marketing is all about isn’t it? High sales volumes.

So Cedric powers up his computer and spends thirty seconds or so trying to come up with an original thought. Instead, however, he decides to do what he did last week, and the week before, and opens one of the articles he wrote about six months ago.

He’s rewritten this article so many times he feels as though he knows it off by heart. The original article was pretty good, one of the first original ideas he had since 2006.

But having taken the same idea and written it about 40 different ways he’s starting to run out of original ways of rehashing his old content.

He has a go anyway, and hurls it into the ether. Probably at several directories, many of which decline it. They’re as bored of seeing it as he is, and won’t publish it. A few directories do publish it because they have about as much enthusiasm for original content as he does.

He waits for the increase in traffic, which of course doesn’t happen, and starts planning how to rehash another article for next week’s effort. Cedric isn’t planning on buying a new car for a while yet.

Now Meet Chris. Chris is an article marketer who approaches things slightly different from Cedric. He spends a little while researching the forums, the blogs, the RSS feeds and the Twitter postings to get a feel for what the latest thoughts, questions and ideas are within his market.

He then catches an idea, mulls it over, carries out some research and starts planning a new article. He heads off to make a coffee, thinking about how he’ll structure the article, including a great, catchy title and a punchy conclusion. He sits back down and hammers out a great article.

Then he sits back for a moment, clears his head before starting to proofread and edit it. Finally when he’s completely ready he submits it to his favourite directory. It’s approved quite quickly, by which time he’s already planning out his next original piece of content.

However, Chris can’t spend long planning his next article because already the orders are coming in for the day. Business is good.

Rehashing old content does no one any good. The directories are unlikely to publish it, real readers are unlikely to come across it, and if they do, they’re unlikely to be charmed by something that feels stale and second hand.

The search engines will probably ignore it as duplicate content, and as for traffic – you’re more likely to find it down the back of the sofa.

There’s no getting away from the fact that original article writing and original content beats rehashed, stale content hands down. Unless of course you prefer having a quiet life. And you don’t need a new car any time soon.


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