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SEO Article Service Tips – When SEO Means “Spelling Effect Optimisation”

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One of the questions I’m often asked as a provider of a UK based SEO article service is whether I am familiar with the differences in language between US English and UK English. Increasingly these days it can be confusing for people, with television and the internet often blurring the gap between the two.

Yet that a gap exists is undeniable, and to ignore the fact is to potentially cost your business dearly. It may seem that there is relatively little to worry about when thinking about your spelling, yet if you’re writing SEO articles, or have employed an SEO article service to do the job for you, it is essential that you think seriously about the impact your spelling has on the success of your article marketing.

One of the key factors the search engines take into consideration when determining the relevance of your articles in relation to particular searches being carried out is your spelling. You might not think so, but let’s look at a couple of examples and see what a massive difference a single apparently inconsequential letter can make.

1. Minimised/Minimized

This is a very common example, and many people tend to use the American version, which is spelt with a ‘z’ rather than an ‘s’, the UK spelling. In books, on the internet, on television reports and even in the newspapers you find the US spelling littered throughout the UK media. I have also come across the UK spelling within US based publications and media.

But you may think there’s nothing really to it. What difference does a single letter make? The readers are still going to know what the word means, and many won’t even notice which spelling has been used.

That might be partly true, but the assumption here is that your intended audience will actually get to read your article at all; they may, in fact, never even see it, and all because of a single letter.

A quick search on Google for the word ‘minimised’ (UK spelling) generates 1,760,000 results. A search for ‘minimized’ (US spelling) results in 8,810,000 results – that’s over 400% more results!

There are two considerations here: if you are trying to market your business in the UK, then using the US spelling will not only lump you with nearly 9 million competing websites, but you may not be listed at all in the UK, missing your target audience in two different ways at the same time. If you’re not trying to target any particular geographical audience, then using the UK spelling cuts down the competition by around three quarters, significantly helping to increase your chances of being visible within the search engine results pages.

2. Realised/Realized

This spelling difference is also extremely prevalent throughout the media in both the UK and the US, but again that single letter difference can make a huge difference in terms of both traffic generation and targeting success.

A search on Google for ‘realised’ (UK spelling) generates 14,600,000 results, but a search for ‘realized’ (US spelling) generates 57,600,000 results – an increase of nearly 300%. If you’re looking to target the UK audience, you must use UK spelling for two reasons – firstly it is clear the search engines discriminate between the different spelling localisations (or localizations) far more than many SEO article writers do, and that by using UK spelling versions you are competing with a fraction of the number of website resources.

If you have chosen to use an SEO article service based in the US, but your target audience is in the UK, how will that affect your reach and desired increase in traffic generation? On the other hand, using an SEO article service in the UK may sound like an advantage, but it’s always worth making sure that the article writer you’re dealing with has a thorough appreciation of the difference a single letter can make.



  1. Felicia  October 21, 2012

    Very interesting article, I never considered the difference a single letter can make! Definitely important to remember, especially when targeting a particular market!

  2. Digital Marketing Girl  December 17, 2013

    This article was helpful because as a beginner with SEO, I didn’t realize how important something like this could be! If targeting different markets, marketers must be aware of this type of thing and optimize for what the consumer is searching for.


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