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Learn How To Write Your Articles Backwards

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No one can deny that search engine optimised articles and web content are essential for any online business wishing to do more than watch daytime television and wonder where all the money went. But there’s a problem, because unless you use a fully professional SEO article service you may find that your articles are written the wrong way round.

Writing articles the wrong way round, starting at the top and working your way down to the bottom is simply not working. It’s almost like getting in the car and driving from A to B. Is that really what you do? No, of course not.

All right, time for me to come clean – what am I on about? The problem is that when it comes to writing search engine optimised articles a great many article writers start with the keyphrase they’re going to promote. The keyword or keyphrase gets stuck in their head, and they blast out the first sentence making sure that it is as keyword rich as possible.

Of course, this is forgetting entirely that keyword dense content is likely to cause your site to drop down the search engines rather than rise up, but then you’d be surprised how many online businesses and article marketers still think it’s about 2005.

Once the SEO article service has blasted out an outrageous first sentence or two the author starts to wonder where exactly he or she is heading. Catchy titles and first lines are fairly easy, but where do you go from there?

If you’re not careful you’re going to lose the reader’s attention. You’re still with me aren’t you? Good. You see, you can tell I’m not flagging or wobbling around having launched myself uneasily by hurling a string of keywords at you with no real idea how to develop them. Instead I’m giving you real advice in a way which has a purpose.

So, let’s get to that purpose shall we? I said at the start of this article that the problem with many search engine optimised articles is that they’re written backward, and I also threw you a little I expect by suggesting that you don’t normally drive off from point A to head to point B. So what’s this all driving at?

When you get in a car to drive to point B you need to do something first. You need a plan. In this case it might be called a map. Perhaps you know where you’re going because you’ve been there before, but that still means you have a predetermined map in your head, a route to follow. You know where you’re heading, and you know how you’ll get there.

If you just got in a car with a vague idea of ending up somewhere called B, how would you even know which way to turn out of your drive? Yes, you might wind the windows down, turn the stereo up, hang an elbow rakishly out of the window and don your favourite shades. It all looks good – but it’s just superficial image with no substance, and this will be very apparent once you turn the wrong way within the first 20 seconds, come to a stop, do a 7 point turn, stop again, then go indoors for a map.

The same is true for writing an article, and any decent SEO article service will certainly do this when writing search engine optimised articles for your business. It’s how I work, and you can probably tell simply from the very fact that this article has a structure, doesn’t sound forced, and reads easily.

Right before I even started I already knew where I was going. I knew what my conclusion was before I even wrote the first sentence. I knew where my article was going. In other words, I knew what the purpose was of my article, and I knew roughly how I was going to reach that point.

I had a literary map, and followed it carefully.

That’s not to say that sometimes I don’t find myself wandering down paths I wasn’t anticipating, becoming a little distracted or discovering a better way of getting to where I wanted to go. But the point is that I started at the end of my article, then worked out how to get there, and finally ended up with an article which doesn’t just meander through a few desperate keyphrases in the hope they’ll hang together for a while.

If you need search engine optimised articles written, make sure you use an SEO article service which will write your articles backwards, giving them meaning, focus and purpose. That way your readers will be more likely to reach the bottom – as you have done, and that brings them to within a single click of your site.


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