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Writing SEO Articles – Title First Or Last?

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I write a lot of SEO articles, and as I run a successful SEO article service, this means that I write a great many SEO articles on a great many different subjects. But every article I write, regardless of content, subject or tone always begins the same way – with a title.

Some article writers create their articles by simply starting to write. They have little idea of what is about to develop on the page, and almost no plan. This generally means that the article has a loose structure to it – if any structure at all.

But worse than that, often it can mean that the article has no purpose. Think about the last article you wrote, or the last article you read. What was the point of it? Did it achieve anything? It might be that you feel that your SEO articles have a point, and that the point of your articles is to sell. This you feel is achieved by just talking about the subject matter and providing as much information as possible about how fantastic and wonderful the product is.

But simply providing information in no coherent form is not enough. For an SEO article to be successful and effective it has to have a point or a purpose. Even more than this, not only do your articles and web content need to have a purpose or a point, but this should be evident to the reader. It’s no good trusting in the reader’s sense of devotion to your literary expertise to ensure that they work their way completely from the first line to the last.

Many readers will just give up if it becomes clear that your article is just an aimless amble through disjointed concepts and ideas, staggering almost like a drunkard from one random point to the next, reaching the end of the article not when the point has been made, but when the word count has been reached.

This truly is an appalling way of creating SEO articles, and is a real insult to the intelligence of those by whom the article is intended to be read. When I start writing an article for one of my clients, or for my own business, the first thing I do is to create a title. This helps to give me focus, and allows me to make sure that the article is structured.

If the title states that a point will be made, a distinction drawn, a comparison outlined or a question answered, then this is clearly what my article must achieve. It is then up to me to rough out a structure which will allow me to include background concepts, suggestions, examples, conclusions and evidence in order to make sure that the title has been addressed.

It may well be that once the article has been completed I look back at the title and decide that perhaps I haven’t quite made the point I intended to, in which case a little editing may be in order. On the other hand it may be that I have made a good point throughout the article, but the title may not be focussed enough, or will need editing slightly to help make sure that the purpose is as clear as possible. It is, after all, the title which will decide whether an article is read or ignored.

If my articles are ignored then so will my business, because there’s little point developing SEO content or SEO articles if they are never seen, read or clicked through – the search engines will give them scant regard and even less value in terms of external backlinking.

By creating a title which sounds interesting and valuable, and by creating a title which suggests that the article has a focus you are far more likely to encourage people to click the title and view your article. Not only this, but if you uphold your end of the deal, and create an article which achieves what the title suggested it would, then you may well have won over a little more credibility in the eyes of your reader.

By creating SEO articles which start from a clearly defined purpose, and which can be compared to that initial purpose once written you can ensure that the quality of your content and your marketing articles is as high as possible.

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