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SEO Package Deals Make A Change From Flushing The Toilet On Your Business

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SEO package deals could save your business from being flushed away – almost literally. Rather than using SEO package deals, does your online marketing go a little like this: save up enough money to pay for an article service to create a whole batch of custom SEO articles, submitting them all across the web, then do nothing for weeks while you save up for the next assault? Rinse and repeat. If so, then your article marketing strategy is what I tend to refer to as ‘lavatorial’.

In other words, every once in a while you flush, but in between you’re really just sitting there doing nothing much more than reading the odd magazine and tidying the loo rolls.

Don’t worry – you’re far from being alone, and at first glance most businesses can’t see just how damaging that tactic is. Flushing Google once in a while, even with good quality custom SEO articles is not the way to promote your website effectively, for several good reasons.

The first good reason is that Google pays relatively little attention to sporadic floods of content, giving each article much less credibility than it would if published in a way that was much more distinct from the others being submitted at the same time.

The second good reason is that by flooding the web with masses of high quality custom SEO articles, you may well catch the attention of the search engines the first time, as they may suspect that you will maintain the publication rate. As soon as your flush is over, and your site returns to silence, the search engines will lower the credibility given to your articles, rendering them much less effective. This may also make future submissions be considered to be of less interest to them as well.

Think of SEO package deals as being a little like trying to get the attention of a politician. They are very busy people, (doing what I can’t say for sure but they always seem busy.) What’s the best way of achieving this? Writing a single letter and then dropping the matter? Going up to them at a rally, shouting and ranting and raving for twenty minutes before dropping the matter? Or persistently badgering them, regularly contacting them, building up a network of supporters who also continually pester them, keeping the momentum and the awareness going until eventually the matter is taken seriously and action is taken?

Clearly the latter has long proven to be the most effective method, and it is in just the same way that SEO package deals can help your custom SEO articles to be put to good use. Rather than wasting your SEO articles in an occasional flush, using an article service to continually pester the directories and the search engines by dropping a regular stream of content is a far more effective way of ensuring that each and every article works much harder for your cause.

Here’s another example: Imagine a hundred people suddenly arrived on your doorstep to ask you to please draw the curtains when you’re getting dressed in the morning. How many of those would you remember? How much creditability would you give to each individual’s genuine desire for you to cover up a little? Not much perhaps.

But imagine if every fifteen minutes there was a knock at your door, with a single individual standing there – just one of the hundred. Eventually over time those hundred people would all come to you with their pleas, but individually you’d probably take each one of them more seriously, and after a while you would start to take the whole campaign more seriously.

It’s this regular, constant badgering of the search engines which is what high quality SEO package deals are all about, and by finding a professional article service which can create custom SEO articles and submit them over time you are more likely to see your business grow, and gain much more of the search engines’ attention.



  1. Jack Thompson  January 9, 2010

    What an awesome blog post about google. I’m honestly incredibly dumfounded that this hasn’t really been articulated before to such great lengths.


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