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Have You Forgotten The Second Type Of Article Optimization Too?

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As any reputable SEO article service will tell you, there are two kinds of optimization.

That articles for marketing and website publication should be optimized is certain, but all too often people ignore one form of optimization, instead putting all their effort into completing only one half of the job. Article marketing is not all about search engine optimization – since the search engines only represent one aspect of the web. Have you spent too long worrying about Google, and forgotten the other form of article optimization necessary?

The truth is that too many article services and article writers have been spending too much time dwelling on the search engines, and have forgotten that the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN are not the Gods of the Internet – they are the servants of the internet. By writing wholly for the benefit of the search engines, article marketers have fooled themselves into perceiving these behemoths as more than simply a means to an end – but as an end in themselves.

Search engines have not always been around, and were only necessary once the volume of data on the web became excessive. But when writing articles you should always bear in mind that you are not writing for a robot, a spider or a few lines of code. Ultimately you should always be writing for a real, live human. Otherwise, you fall into two traps at the same time.

The first problem you’ll experience is a necessary dullness in tone. What writer can truly be inspired by a digital insect, a computer on another continent or a series of mathematical algorithms dreamed up by a team of software engineers? Without writing for real people, no writer can truly create interesting, relevant and worthwhile articles. The results become stale and bland – hardly a praiseworthy objective, surely?

The other pitfall is that by concentrating solely on the unloving, unthinking silicon beasts, as writers we start to write to different rules. Perhaps that is already happening, but once one begins to grasp an understanding of how the algorithms are scanning and interpreting our sentences, the way we write necessarily alters and adapts. But this does not always result in successful, imaginative or entertaining writing.

For example, using keywords has long been a bone of contention, since it is too easy to start using keywords in preference to more natural language. With Google’s advanced Latent Semantic Indexing algorithms this has in part put paid to such lazy methods of writing, but every day I see dozens of articles which have quite clearly been written for a computer, not for me as a person.

But what does this say about a company? Almost every article I see on the web includes some information to direct me to the company behind it. If I read an article which pretends on the surface to be aimed at me, but which is clearly written instead for a computer, it makes me feel as though the company values the computer’s impression of their writing more than mine. In other words, the company portrays itself as putting humans below computers.

By making it fairly clear that online companies are pandering to the search engines rather than concentrating on people, the gap widens between customer and business. Rather than reaching out, many companies are using article marketing in such a way that virtual hands are pushing potential customers away. Fine – you might prefer to have the company and admiration of the search engines – but they’re not going to place any orders, no matter how long you spend sweet talking them.

In order to avoid this pitfall, and to ensure that your articles are written as much for humans as for computers, and that they reach out to people, as well as to lines of programming code, then use an SEO article service which understands that articles need to be optimized not just for the search engines, but optimized for people too.


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