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Article Marketing Tip: How To Make Your Author’s Resource Box Work Harder

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If you use an SEO article service, or even write your own optimized articles yourself, you may still be missing a trick.

The article in itself is not the full package, and unless you use it wisely and appropriately, it counts for nothing. One of the areas of article writing you will need to focus on if your articles are to be of any use to you at all is the resource box at the bottom.

Most article directories will not allow links within the article body itself. If you include such links you may find that your article is either declined, or the links simply stripped out. But the overwhelming majority of article directories will permit you to include an author’s resource box at the foot of the article. This is where you need to focus considerable effort, if you want to succeed in article marketing.

I have seen many author’s boxes that contain no link at all. This is an utter waste, since you have taken the time, or the expense, to have the article written and submitted, yet it achieves nothing. It might well be read, and it may well manage to climb high up the search results pages – but then what? Unless you give your readers something to do, they will merely go on to read another article by somebody else, and perhaps even go on to place an order with another company.

There are two main ways in which an article resource box can be used to good advantage. The first is by providing the reader with a means to visit your website, and perhaps even place an order or register. Article writing is hardly charitable work, and the majority of those writing articles, or purchasing articles written by an SEO article service, will be doing so purely to increase sales. Article marketing means using articles to generate hits, visitors and ultimately, sales.

No advertiser would go to the trouble of creating an advertising campaign without giving the reader, viewer or listener any kind of clue as to the name of the company, the name of the product, or a place to go to find out more or to make a purchase. This isn’t advertising – it’s merely noise.

A well written sales article will provide the reader with a reason to find out more, a reason to want to know more about the subject, or a reason to review the services or products of the company behind the article. The resource box will then provide links or information to match the reader’s interest. So, for example, if you have written an article about fountain pens, you will have made sure that you provide interesting and relevant information about fountain pens throughout your article, and then in your resource box you include the most relevant, interesting and tempting links which will encourage your readers to click through to your website.

But there is another reason for using the resource box – and that is to create backlinks. The more backlinks to your website you have, the more relevant and popular the search engines perceive your website to be. This will, in turn, improve your position in the search results pages. But the point here is that the backlinks must be relevant.

Backlinks should also help to promote your particular keywords. Simply having your website address as a backlink will only count as a mediocre vote. In addition to, or instead of, having your plain website address as a link, use the keywords or keyphrases you have been using in your article.

So, to go back to our example of fountain pens – let’s assume your keyphrase has been ‘reliable fountain pens’. You’ll probably have used this keyphrase in your title, and throughout your article in strategic places. For maximum effect, try including that keyphrase in your resource box, linking to your website. Of course, make sure the link is to a page that’s directly relevant to the article. If you sell stationery, don’t have your fountain pen links just direct people to your home page – send them to the fountain pen page and watch the sales roll in.

If you use an SEO article service to create your optimized articles then they may well be able to advise you with your resource boxes, and help you maximise the potential of your article marketing strategy. In the right hands, the author’s resource box can achieve tremendous things.



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