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Three Questions To Ask Your SEO Article Service Provider

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If you’re planning on using an SEO article service to create high quality articles for submission to article directories, is it not helpful to be sure that they know what they’re doing?

After all, anyone can copy and paste vaguely relevant information from the internet, and virtually anyone can hammer together a few paragraphs which bounce ideas and words around the topic in question.

But there’s clearly a good deal more to article marketing and writing effective, and successful SEO articles than that. There’s a fine line between standard, traditional article writing and SEO article writing, and sadly too few article services fail to spot that distinction. With so many article writing services offering their trade on the web, who can you trust? Ultimately you could end up paying large sums of money for well written articles which have almost no effect as far as search engine optimization or web page ranking is concerned.

Whether you’re thinking of employing an article service, or perhaps already are, but would like to reassure yourself that they know what they’re doing, here are a few simple questions to ask them, along with the answers you should be looking for. If the SEO article service you’re dealing with gives you an answer which is significantly at odds with these suggested replies, then it may do your website a great deal of good to look elsewhere.

1. What percentage of keyword density is appropriate for an SEO article? Although there’s no guaranteed percentage, since only Google would have such information, it is generally the case that those documents which exceed 2-3% stand much less chance of appearing in the search results. Anything over 5% and you’ll probably never see it again. 1% is fine, but in all honesty, it’s more about semantic language than keyword density anyway.

2. What is latent semantic indexing? One of the main ways that Google identifies the relevance of a web page or article is by analysing the language used throughout the whole document. For a topic on writing articles then there are various words and terms which you might reasonably be expected to come across, such as keyword density, optimization, search engines and ranking. By analysing the occurrence of such semantically related words and terms, Google can gauge the relevance of the article within that topic. So an article about article services that only includes key phrases such as ‘SEO article service’ repeatedly, without saying much else about the topic, will have a low LSI rank. A more naturally written article will include a wide range of related words and phrases – and is therefore given a better ranking.

3. Where does their SEO article service rank on Google for important keyphrase searches such as ‘article service’ and ‘SEO article service’? Since this is what they are, and these are the most obvious searches people carry out when looking for such businesses, it would be natural to assume that such service providers are able to demonstrate their skills by having high ranking positions – certainly on page 1, and preferably above the crease (positions 1-5). If not, then perhaps it might be wise to find an article service which can demonstrate that they know what they’re doing by having their own site ranked well?

There are plenty more questions to ask any SEO article service, such as copyright usage, and guaranteed uniqueness, but these three will certainly weed out those article writing services who are merely taking money for words, rather than delivering results which matter.



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