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Three Ways To Waste Your Time With Article Marketing

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As any reputable article service will tell you, writing SEO articles and carrying out effective article marketing is a good deal more complicated than it used to be, or than many people give it credit for today. Writing a thoroughly optimized article that reads well, is enjoyed by real live humans, and yet manages to attract the attention of the search engines’ robots at the same time is a fine balancing act. But with any balancing act there is often a good deal of compromise, unless you’re prepared for a fall.

If you’re happy to waste your time either writing articles, or employing an SEO article service to create your articles for you, and perhaps even submit them, then make sure you do the following things.

1. Always make sure you stuff as many keywords and keyphrases into your articles as possible. If you enjoy wasting time, then this is a guaranteed way to make sure that no article you write will ever see the light of day again. Google hates keyword stuffing about as much as the average human. None of us enjoys reading articles which sound more like a thesaurus entry, and the search engines can easily spot this kind of article. Of course, if you’d rather not waste your time, then don’t stuff keywords in. Even 1% can be risky, but certainly anything above 3% is suicide, so make sure you bear this point in mind.

2. Submit the same article to hundreds or thousands of article directories. Of course, there’ll be some people who will claim that this isn’t a waste of time at all. You’ll probably also find that those people are the ones selling article submission services – so no surprise there! If you want to waste your time with article marketing, spam your articles as much as possible. The major search engines such as Google really don’t like duplicate content – it makes their search results less useful for one thing. What they’ll do is to list the first example of your article on their results pages, and then ignore the rest. This is great news if you want to waste money as well as your time, because many submission services will charge a lot of money to spend several days spamming your article for you.

3. Stick your submission articles on your website. This is a fabulous way to not only waste your time, but actually cause harm to your website’s ranking on the search results pages too! If you’ve submitted your articles to article directories then Google will probably come across one of the examples fairly soon. They’ll then just ignore the remaining versions, and may even demote those sites with duplicate content. Why not let them demote your own website too? By including your submission articles on your own website you’re really showing those search engines that your site is not original, and ought to sink slowly out of sight.

Having said all this, there will always be some people who don’t follow advice, and don’t want to waste their time, or their money – or even cause their website to be demoted from the search results. These people will probably go to the trouble of writing decent articles which don’t stuff keywords down people’s throats. They may even employ a professional SEO article service to do the job properly, and may even submit their articles in a more sensible fashion. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice, of course.


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