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4 SEO Article Tricks Your Competitors Aren’t Telling You

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You’re not still wasting time writing SEO articles are you? In many cases, the only thing they achieve is to keep you out of trouble for a few minutes. Why not learn how to avoid the common mistakes, and start making your articles stand out from the 398 million others?

As a professional SEO article service, writing articles for the web, whether as content or for submission, can be a tricky business. The problem is that too many people think it’s easy. Of course, banging the keyboard a few times and stitching a few sentences together is relatively easy – but SEO articles aren’t just words. At least, they shouldn’t be. With millions of articles spread across thousands of article directories trying to make yours stand out is getting tougher every day.

Just throwing a few half hearted ideas together simply doesn’t cut it anymore. You might get a few published, and you might even be able to find them if you search Google. But that’s not the point, is it? The point is that your articles need to work for you. By work, I mean three things – generate views, generate click-throughs and encourage sales enquiries.

Generating views is important, clearly, because if your articles are viewed many times, then they become more significant in the eyes of the search engines. It amuses me sometimes how naive some SEO services can be, believing that if a particular article directory has a Google PageRank of 4, that somehow by having a few articles published on their site, it will improve their own PageRank.

The thing to remember is that it’s probably only the home page of the article directory which has that PageRank – the rest will be much lower. But then don’t forget how PageRanks are calculated – and the value of a single page will be divided by the number of external links on it. If your article is on a directory with a PR of 4, the page your article’s on may only have a PR of 2 or 3; if there are half a dozen other links on that page, your share becomes relatively meaningless.

Obviously generating click-throughs and encouraging sales will be important whether you’re advertising a business or trying to generate affiliate sales. But none of these three purposes will work at all if your article is never read, is rarely found and fails to engage the reader. With millions of other articles all fighting for your readers, how will you manage to grab, and maintain, attention?

There is much that can be said about this – but here are 4 things which any SEO article service should always consider carefully when writing articles. Although avoiding these errors won’t necessarily guarantee your article will be listed, found or viewed, it will be likely to stand a much better chance.

1. Always make your title stand out. Remember, when your article is listed on a search engine’s results page, or on an article directory, it will be the article titles that people see first. Dull, lifeless, complicated, badly written, poorly spelt or excessively long titles will largely be ignored. People want pithy titles which sound interesting, and relevant. Numbers work well, as does including the words ‘you’ or ‘your’ – making it relevant to the reader.

2. Think about your summary. Yes, this is obvious to some – but how many people just copy their first or last paragraph? Also, how many others just write some boring waffle which makes the average dictionary definition seem like a gripping tale? Remember, if people have bothered to spend time reading your title, they’ll just possibly go on to give you a second chance in your summary. But if your summary is lame, they’re unlikely to click the link – meaning that your article just achieved absolutely nothing. Entice your readers! Excite them, intrigue them – entertain them! Do what is necessary to give them a reason to click your article link and read on.

3. Proof read once. Then proof read again. Finally, remember to proof read. If your article is badly written or badly spelt, people will find it increasingly difficult to read. There’s a great deal of good quality content out there – and that means that there’s really no need to struggle through worthless rubbish which was put together by somebody who couldn’t even be bothered to read it themselves! Glaring mistakes in spelling and sentence structure erodes your credibility, and decreases the chance that people will click the links provided in your resource box – if they even get that far.

4. Be yourself. There’s no rule that says that you have to be formal in your articles. Relax – be humorous if you like. Write naturally – it’s more likely to come across as honest, and will be much easier for people to read. These days too many articles are written by article spinners – even those supposedly provided by an SEO article service in some cases. If you can write naturally, with a little humour, then you’ll be believed much more, and people will see you as a person, not just a machine.


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