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Adsense CAN Affect Your Google Page Rank

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Rather than spending money on article writing services and SEO content, does hosting Google’s adverts on your website, through the Adsense programme, affect your ranking on Google’s search results pages?

The answer is that yes, it can. But let me explain this answer further…

There has been much speculation and conspiratorial muttering about whether or not Google prioritizes those websites which help to promote its adverts when it comes to the listings. Some people think that being an Adsense member will help boost your listing position, whilst others think it makes little difference.

Here’s the truth: firstly, Google’s Adsense business, and its search engine ranking business are quite separate companies, and they have little or nothing to do with each other. Certainly there is no evidence to suggest that Adsense publishers will be prioritized over those who do not help boost Google’s coffers.

But didn’t I just suggest that Adsense can boost your position?

Actually I didn’t, I said it could affect your position – I didn’t say it would improve it.

This is because if you try a little too hard to try to scrape a few cents away from Google’s account by placing adverts all through your web pages, you could find that people are less willing to link to your site, and consequently, with fewer external links, your page rank goes down, as does your search position.

Web publishers have hosting costs and so forth, and having a couple of adverts to help with this is fine. But all too often publishers go a little crazy, littering half a dozen advert blocks on each page.

Add to this the tactic some follow of disguising Google’s adverts by formatting them in the same way as the genuine navigational links, in the vain hope of confusing visitors into clicking an advert, and you can very quickly find people going off your site entirely.

There’s a fine line between a little advertising to help balance out some of your hosting costs, and having half of each of your pages graffitied over by Google, with traps ready for the unwary visitor to find themselves flying off to an entirely different website after clicking the wrong link.

Not only do Google Adsense links cause visitors to leave your website, but they may not come back if they felt that it was too advert driven, too confusing and that you deliberately employed tactics to try to confuse them.

All of which will see your website suffer, dropping down the search results pages as though someone set a trap door under your site.

Use good search engine optimization, pay per click adverts and article writing services to help boost your presence through good quality, targeted content and effective sales tactics rather than tricks and traps.



  1. Canvas Art  November 25, 2009

    Interesting stuff as I’ve noticed a drop in my search rankings for a few important keywords. I’ve also noticed over the last few months my link pop decreasing.

  2. Werner Carlin  February 20, 2010

    Thanks for the useful post, I had fun reading it! I always love your blog. Have a excellent day!

  3. Andrew A. Sailer  April 3, 2010

    I stumbled onto your blog and read a few post. I like your style of writing.

  4. Chase  April 12, 2010

    That was a different thought track. I admire your finesse that you put into your writing . Please do move forward with more similar to this.


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