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LSI – It’s About Language, Not Semantics

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I had an odd request recently from someone who claimed to be an SEO expert, and wanted me to write some articles for him.

He apparently knew all about Google’s Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), and as a result had kindly produced his key phrase, along with several direct equivalent phrases.

I can’t tell you exactly what they were of course, but if you imagine an office chair being described as office seating, office chairs, office stools, and so forth you might get the idea.

The trouble is – this is not using LSI. This is using SL. Semantic language means using similar phrases instead of constantly repeating the same one.

But the whole point of Google’s algorithm is that they can spot these semantically equivalent phrases a mile off, and just counts them as though they were the same phrase throughout.

So if every time you use the phrase office seating, Google is thinking of office chairs, this could double, or even triple the number of occurrences of your key phrase.

And no, this isn’t good news. keyword stuffing will get you one guaranteed result, and one possible result. You’ll be guaranteed to drop down the search results, and possibly even find your pages blacklisted.

Latent Semantic Language – it’s about language, not semantics.


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