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Google’s SEO Advice On Title Tags

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Does your website have unique titles for every page?

If not, then the chances are you’re losing out on a significant number of visitors, and as you’re also flying in the face of Google’s SEO advice, your site’s ranking in the search results is likely to be a lot lower than you’d like it to be.

If you create your website using a template, with each page either copied and pasted, with the content edited later, or even dynamically generated through a content management system, the chances are that you may well have overlooked the title tag in the section of your site.

The problem is that if every page of your site has the same title, Google may well only show a few examples of pages, rather than all of them.

Not only that, but if people are searching for keywords which relate specifically to one section of your website, even if your site is listed in the search results, the title may be so unrelated to the subject, the visitor doesn’t bother even clicking on it.

For example, let’s say your website is all about bicycles. You sell bicycles, parts and equipment. You also do servicing. Now let’s imagine that your business is called ‘Mighty Wheels – Bikes & Parts’. Now let’s also assume that you have used this business name as the default title for all your pages.

This means that the web page on your site that highlights your servicing offers will have a title that only refers to the fact that you sell bicycles, and parts. For this reason, Google may not consider your page relevant for such a search, and doesn’t bother listing you.

Even if you do get listed, most visitors glance down the list of title pages in a search result page. If they’re looking for servicing, and your page is advertised as being about bikes and parts, but nothing to do with servicing, then you’ll be passed by again.

You can see the titles of your pages easily, by doing a Google search with your website prefixed by ‘site:’

For example:

The main links at the top of each entry is the title page, taken from the tag in the section. You’ll notice that for, every single page has a unique title, and the title for each page is a specific advert for the content of that page.

Try checking your own site, and if necessary, get your titles working for you. Title tags are an important element of effective search engine optimization, and will undoubtedly help you improve your site’s ranking.



  1. Felicia  October 25, 2012

    Great post! Titles are very important in SEO and understanding that is key to not being overlooked. Thanks for sharing this info!


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