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Writing SEO Articles In English – That Make Sense As Well

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Writing SEO articles in English is a tough job if English isn’t your first language – or even if it is, but you’re not terribly confident with it. Writing articles and web content that could, potentially, be read by millions can be a daunting task for anyone not confident, or competent, with writing English.

Yet almost all web content, or at least the vast majority of it, is in English. If you want your website to be noticed, then English is the language of choice when it comes to most opportunities to optimize it for the big search engines.

Simply trying to explain your shipping terms, remembering that when you ship something it doesn’t actually go by ship. Make sure you also remember that cargo doesn’t go by car – it goes by ship, but isn’t called shipco. After your customers have been through the sales process, it hasn’t actually been thrown, although if you don’t create a sensible and logical checkout system, it might throw your customers.

Where else but within the English language would you try to increase your custom, whilst trying to avoid problems with customs, or where a sale can happen before you’ve sold anything.

To write effectively in English, and to create sensible articles you will need to appreciate that a promotion means going up, but when you’re selling something, it often means making the price go down. Increasing the price is not a promotion, nor is it a sale, unless it was already in a sale and now it’s not.

It can even get tricky when deciding what to call the items you’re selling. If the plural of sheet is sheets, then it might be reasonable to assume that the plural of sheep is sheeps. But of course, it is not. Similarly, battery chickens live in cages, but battery chargers do not, and of course one must never confuse here and there with were and there or through, thorough, though and thought.

English is a distinctive language in that it has drawn upon so many languages, and is therefore an eclectic mix of so many spelling and grammatical rules. In order to piece together an idea you might pull it apart, or pick holes in order to fill in the blanks. It is of no surprise that many people choose native English speakers and writers to compose articles which combine the best of search engine optimized content with the bizarre structures of the most common language on the net.

When asked how many languages I can speak, I might truthfully reply that it must be at least a dozen, yet at the same time I can only speak English – yet English draws on so many other languages that in order to grasp its oddities one must be capable of holding in one’s head a remarkable number of contradicting rules and structures, all of which stem from different linguistic heritages.

Having said which, I’d managed to grasp the English language by the time I was five years old, so really can there be any excuse for appreciating that the opposite of mistake is not take, nor that a bow may be either taken or tied, or even that you may take a stand whilst sitting down but to take a seat you can’t still be standing up.

Yes, it’s no surprise that well written SEO articles are frequently written by those bizarre people who claim English as a first language. Or twelfth.


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