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Article Services – Common Mythunderstandings

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A quick search on Google for article services came up with nearly half a million results, and looking up articles produced over a billion results in less than tenth of a second.

That’s pretty impressive – but why are articles, and article services, such hot business at the moment? The truth is, that if you’re asking that question, you’re almost certainly in need of cashing in on the internet of today, rather than the tired old ways people used to try to ‘trick’ Google into promoting their site.

It’s true that people did used to use keywords in ways that helped to promote their site, and many people found their website on the first page of the search results through this method alone.

But those days are long gone, despite the many people still trying to sell you a service based solely on this technique. Not surprisingly, their own websites languish many pages down the results, so you’re unlikely to find them very easily.

Google is a massively complex machine, and has been constantly refined to become increasingly clever in analyzing the content of websites, and judging how relevant they are – and therefore how highly to display them on appropriate search results pages.

Article services that offer massive keyword density are no longer going to help you see worthwhile results. If you see people still recommending 5% keyword densities, please move along. They are not the article writers you are looking for…

If you cram as many instances of your keywords as possible into an article, two things will happen:

  1. Google will decide that it is forced writing, and demote way down the list of search results, or blacklist it altogether.
  2. People reading your article will find the language false, blatant and hard work, probably moving on to someone else’s instead.

Google’s advanced LSI algorithms are now able to analyze a document and identify its relevance based on far more subtle linguistic patterns and inclusions. Keywords are still hugely important – but only in specific places in the document. Of greater importance is the use of semantic language.

Well written, search engine optimized articles that are relevant to your site or product are the best way of maximizing traffic to your sales page.


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